Real life uses of LCM and GCF

In math, the GCF is better known as the Greater Common Factor. The greatest common factor is commonly used to simplify a fraction by dividing both the numerator and denominator by the greatest common factor of both. This is very common in math computation when considering fractions. 

The LCM is better known as the least common multiple of the denominators. This is often called the lowest common multiple. It is helpful to find the lowest common denominator, since each of the fractions can be shown as a fraction with the denominator. When using addition and subtraction to compare fractions, it is useful to use the LCM. 

Now, considering your real life, did you even realize that LCM and GCF plays into your real life? Think about it…when dividing something equally, you subconsciously are using GCF and LCM. For example, when the children ask for slices of pie, a parent will divide the pie to equally among the children. Without even thinking of it in mathematical terms, you’ve used fraction formulas to solve a problem. And make the children smile!

Now, consider counting and dividing your money. When standing at the counter, you decide how to use certain amounts as fractions to get the job done. You consider dividing your money for the best utilization. For example, when spending, you are recommended to put aside a fraction of money to save, and a fraction to spend. 

You also use GCF and LCM in comparing prices. When thinking of buying a pound of bananas for a cheaper price, you’ll use fractions to determine which price is cheaper. You do this to save money and most times get the best bargain. Coupons also help save and this is also a real-life example of using GCF and LCM in your day to day life. 

Time…an element of life that we of course use in our daily lives. Understanding time, however, is just fractions! Think about how you determine time. When determining time, to learn the minutes of the clock, you determine the fraction of the clock. Without even realizing you’re using GCF and LCM, you are using fractions to determine time! Again, another real-life use of GCF and LCM.

So, when you hear someone tell you that math isn’t necessary, think twice! You use fractions in your everyday life, subconsciously. When considering time, money, comparing prices, and dividing items equally, you are using GCF and LCM. To learn more about GCF and LCM and, visit & The Math Tools website allows for you to learn more about fractions, numbers and computing both.